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21/03/2016 – 27/03/2016

Performing Arts
Title of project: “Burn”
South Africa

Liquid Fusion Burn is a dance theatre production based on the interaction between man and nature and the distrust they hold for each other. The story follows two bodies and their relationship to one another as opposing values. It explores fire, light, and earth both in their natural and artificial circumstances. South Africa is celebrated for its natural beauty and heritage, yet struggles to maintain this in the light of its social discrepancies and first-world ambitions. Some of the major issues in South Africa include rhino poaching, water pollution and river abstraction from industrial and recreational exploitation, acid mine drainage, land instability, and erosion as a result of extensive mining, and the misuse of land as a result of land reforms, regulations, and corruption. These are uniquely South African problems but they indicate a global concern: the clash between human and environmental interests. A paradox exists between the necessity to survive now, and the necessity to preserve life for the future. The outcome is inevitable, but never absolute.

Our company often deals with profound personal and emotional issues that are inherent in all human interaction through a movement-based language that is mixed with spoken word. Our work often combines dance theatre, physical theatre and acting and involves themes of physical risk, agility and emotional journey in both serious and comedic approaches. We aim to share our explorations and discoveries on an international level, exposing the emerging South African theatre flair to the world, but also bringing the world into South African theatre, developing our own understandings and skillset in a broader, more incorporative way.

The company consists of the two of us, Daniel Geddes and Mark Tatham, who engage other artists on a contractual basis to make work. Our roles vary from direction, performance, choreography, sound design and composition.

During this Artistic Residency the following performance “Burn” was given.
Devised and performed by Daniel Geddes and Mark Tatham
Duration: 40 minutes

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