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Aggeliki Sakellariou – Myrsini Tzavaras – Ismini Slijper 1024 819 dancecenter

Aggeliki Sakellariou – Myrsini Tzavaras – Ismini Slijper

02/10/23 – 11/10/23

Performing Arts
Title of the project: “The Sisters’ Project”

Description of project:

“The Sisters’ Project” (working title) is a theatrical dance performance addressed to all, from 8 to 108 years old. Set in a dusty attic, The Sisters’ Project unfolds the relationship between three sisters exploring the concept of loss. From the loss of loved ones and loved objects, to the loss of contact between them and the loss of time itself. How do three young women find support and comfort from each other, while developing their own identity.
Through humour and poetry, acrobacy, mime and an imaginative scenery (consisting of wooden objects and fabric), The Sisters’ Project takes you on a imaginative journey where there is space for complexity: for laughter and tears, anger and acceptance.

Open presentation: Sunday 08 October 2023
20:30, Free Entrance

The journey of lost things: a children’s workshop on loss
Saturday 07 October 2023, 17:30-20:30
Free submission

Ismini Slijper

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands (1999) Ismini Slijper started dancing at the age of 8. Later on she studied BA Contemporary Dance at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp of which she graduated in 2020.
Together with her former classmates she founded SIDEWARDS-collective ( A dance collective that creates and supports dance productions and organizes culutral events. Under SIDEWARDS Ismini co-created the dance performance ‘If you want, maybe not’ (2021) and organized FountainFest: The Festival of Femxle Pleasure (2022).
She also worked as a dance teacher in her hometown Amsterdam at Het Amsterdams Lyceum and for cultural education organization “Op de eerste rij” (2021-2022).
During the last year she has been based in Athens where she has had the opportunity to work with dance group Artogether. A dance group for people wit hand without disabilities, lead by Katerina Gevetsi. Whilst also co-creating two own performance projects : “The Sisters Project” and “Co-habitance”.

Aggeliki Sakellariou

Born and raised in the small island of Syros (2000), Aggeliki Sakellariou has been dancing from the age of 10. She started with traditional greek dancing and practiced 6 years of rhythmic gymnastics. She has been a student in Akropoditi dance centre from 2013 and participated in performances and dance lessons as a student (ballet, contemporary dance, jazz). She is an occupational therapist (graduated from University of West Attica) and 3 years now she is a member of inclusive dance group Artogether in Athens. She has participated in multiple (dance) workshops and loves improvisation and authentic movement. She is planning to do a master in dance therapy.

Myrsini Tzavaras

Born and raised in Syros (2001), Myrsini Tzavaras started dancing at the Akropoditi Dance Centre at the age of 8. From the year of 2019 she studies Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art Athens where she also attends different contemporary dance classes from various teachers.

The Bise Noire – Mileva Testas, Ludovic Vial, Nicolas Steulet, Lucas Herzig 1024 819 dancecenter

The Bise Noire – Mileva Testas, Ludovic Vial, Nicolas Steulet, Lucas Herzig

09/09/23 – 15/09/23

Visual, Plastic and Performing Arts
Title of the project: “Escales”

Artisti Diner
Open presentation: 14 September 2023 

from 6 p.m. visit of the sailboat Bise Noire
(Kon/nou Zervaki 5, Ermoupoli)
7:30 p.m. group walk to the Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre
(Ir. Politechniou 84, Ermoupoli)
8 p.m. performance installation and aperitif at the Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre.

The Bise Noire association

The Bise Noire association, based in Switzerland, was founded in 2019 by Nourya White Khaldi, Laurine Landry & Lucas Verheij.
Since then, it has been inviting artists to share its journey along the Mediterranean coast aboard the sailboat Bise Noire. Artists are welcomed for three weeks for research and creative residencies under the aegis of the Escales! project. Escales is the name of the residency project dreamed up by the Bise Noire association. The idea is to bring on board artists who wish to draw inspiration for their work from encounters and the sea.

This year, in collaboration with the Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre, the Bise Noire association is proud to present the work of the artists in residency. These four artists have been in Athens and the Cyclades for three weeks, aboard the sailing ship Bise Noire and at the Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre.

Mileva Testas

Mileva Testas is an artist and designer who graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts de Lyon and has been based in Mallorca for the past six years. Her work focuses on artisanal and experimental design, using different materials such as silver, glass and ceramics. Her creations are strongly inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and the organic and mineral forms it offers.
Mileva Testa will present a series of objects and experiments resulting from the research carried out during her residency: objects to be seen or worn, woven from palma leaf, esparto or materials found along the way.

Ludovic Vial

Ludovic Vial studied visual arts at HEAD – Geneva, then at La Manufacture – Lausanne. In his practice, he explores the intersections between what doesn’t seem to be self-evident, navigating between different practices, from performance to movement writing, text and music. He is interested in different constructions drawn from popular culture, the collective unconscious, intimate narratives and gender studies, which he assembles and rearranges to create new subjectivities.
The research presented at the Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre will start from the figure of the mermaid (between Greek literary roots and the Danish fairy tale by Hans C. Andersen) through an exploration of sound, music and choreography. As much a myth as a literal image projected by navigation on Bise noire, this research will seek to take account of the chimera’s troubled identity, and of a form of corporal and vocal transposition.

Nicolas Steulet

Nicolas Steulet is training as a stage director at La Manufacture, Lausanne. He has taught theater workshops for children and teenagers for several years, and enjoys creating shows in which particular attention is paid to light and shadows.
Between two sunburns, during the residency, he would like to write about the gaps in his childhood memory. To fill in these gaps or explore them further. Nicolas Steulet would like to give a reading of some of his texts at the Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre.

Lucas Herzig

Lucas Herzig was born in Zurich in 1988 and grew up in Pura, Italian-speaking Switzerland. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the Haute École d’Art et Design de Genève (HEAD) in 2011 and a Master’s degree from the Hochschule der Künste Bern (HKB) in 2015.
In his work, he critically addresses issues such as the adaptation of hybrid identities and the creation of new founding myths. He often goes back in time to draw conclusions about the present.
Lucas Herzig intends to create on board a series of small sculptures inspired by the Neolithic sculptural art of the Cyclades. The objects to be shown at the Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre are the result of the artist’s research and collect.

Sevasti Zafeira – Theodore Nastos 1024 819 dancecenter

Sevasti Zafeira – Theodore Nastos

15/05/23 – 28/05/23

Performing Arts
Title of the project: “Antara 2.0”

Antara 2.0

Open presentation: 26 May 2023 at 22:00
Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre

In a world that imposes isolation and behavioural rules.
In a world that forbids contact, the next stage of human evolution is born for us.
Thus, a person without desires is born, sterilised, without awareness of oneself, a blank canvas.
Through our solo, we want to address the dichotomy that the new human will experience in the process of their redefinition.
We will seek fragile moments of movement within an otherwise strict physical form.
Fragile moments of movement will consist of uncontrolled outbursts or lack of rhythm.
While the strict framework will enclose limited, careful, and slow movement, without emotion, without life.
In addition, we will re-observe the basic functions of the body, such as joint extensions and balance.
Hoping to eventually come up with a definition that will describe the psyche of the new human.

Words: joints, burnt plastic, broken doll, octopus, awkward hands, bounce, boxing.

Movement Research: Zafeira Sevasti, Nastos Theodoros
Music: Nastos Theodoros, Abstract Soundscape
Performance: Zafeira Sevasti

Fragile bones – Masterclass with Sevasti Zafeira, 22 May 2023 

Sevasti Zafeira
Sevasti Zafeira is a dancer who lives and works in Greece. She was born in 1997 in Syros and graduated with honors from the State School of Dance in Athens. From a young age, she was involved in sports and later turned to dance. She has collaborated, among others, with Christos Papadopoulos, Antonis Foniadakis, Patricia Apergi, Eva Georgitsopoulou, Jenny Argiriou, Evangelos Poulinas etc and participated in performances in Greece and abroad.
She has also worked with various theater and film directors such as Manolis Mavris for “Brutalia, Days of Labor,” which was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival’s Critics’ Week, winning the Canal+ award for Best Short Film. She has also worked with Thanos Papakonstantinou at the National Opera, Vasilis Kekatos for Korres Campaign (Short Film Series), and she took part in the Dior Cruise 2022 Film campaign, directed by Benjamin Vu.

Theodore Nastos
Τheodore Nastos has a diverse background in film, music, and art direction. His work includes starring in the short film “Melatonin,” which has been screened in various festivals worldwide, composing and performing music for the Yogurt Maybe band, directing music videos, taking part in big campaigns and commercials as a model, and following a 3-month seminar in Direction of Photography. He has also been a creative director for the Yogurt Maybe project, where he has created screenplays, arranged photoshoots, and created artworks. His range of skills and experiences has allowed him to approach artistic projects from multiple perspectives, making him a versatile and adaptable artist.

Silvia Pezzarossi 1024 819 dancecenter

Silvia Pezzarossi

21/02/23 – 04/03/23

Performing Arts
Title of the project: “OVERFLOW”
Italy / Belgium

Project description
OVERFLOW is a contemporary dance and physical theater duet, performed by myself and the dancer Anna-Maria Bayon, which addresses adaptation and survival in society.
Particularly struck by the radical, immediate and contradictory nature of current social dynamics, I asked myself “how do bodies survive between increasingly extreme, increasingly unpredictable laws and events?”
The image behind this creation is that of a ‘contemporary shipwreck’. With a choreographic approach that feeds on an overdose of absurd and zany, naive and poetic imagination, it is an extravagant and staggering shipwreck that I wish to explore. The bodies of two women intertwine, support each other, counterbalance each other, adapt and save each other. Extreme, contradictory and insane like the challenges they have to face.
If on the one hand my intention is to explore the power and beauty of a body that adapts, transmutes, fits together, endures and resists to the point of overflowing; on the other hand, I want to give voice to the humanity that runs through it: its need for the other, for empathy and mutual aid.
Body and voice. Imagination and illusion. Control and laughter. Poetry and surprise.
OVERFLOW is an invitation to resilience through a sensitive, confident and creative look at our society.
with the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International

I’m an italian contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher. I’m based in Belgium where I live since several years.
I trained in ballet and contemporary dance in Italy (Zappalà Danza dance school) and Switzerland (ballet junior de Geneve).
Once I arrived in Belgium I started collaborating as a dancer and performer with some local and international artists for dance and circus projects: Keren Rosenberg, Roy Assaf, Lies Serdons, Poetic Punkers collective, Cie Marie Martinez, Lisbeth Gruwez, Dorian Chavez, Krama Dance Company and soon with the circus company Cie des Chaussons Rouges (creation 2023/2024).
I consider myself a curious observer of society and its dynamics.
I am attracted by its resources as well as its contradictions and fragilities. It is from what I live, from what I feel, from what I observe of society that I draw my inspiration to create.
Supported by different Belgian theaters I could make until today three  dance & physical theater creations: Mucyclo, Waiting for the fishes and En attendant que les poissons passent….
All of them share a strong physicality and the use of a performative register that appeals to audience interaction, humour and surprise.
Overflow is my next creation planned for 2024.
Since 2015, I have been developing my own pedagogical practice based on improvisation, DIVE, which is inspired by the principles of Gaga body language (which I studied in Tel Aviv with Ohad Naharin and the Batsheva dancers) but which I extend to a personal research.
DIVE is part of my daily artistic life and I transmit it through classes and workshops in Belgium and abroad (Charleroi Danse, UP circus & performing arts center, Grand Studio/ Nyash dance company, Hybrid Studio/cie bud Blumenthal, Istanbul Fringe festival in Turkey, Dance Days Chania Festival and Kinitira artistic network in Greece).

My name is Silvia Pezzarossi, I am an Italian choreographer, I live in Belgium since several years.
Last march I was invited for two weeks by Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre in artistic residency to continue my creation HABEMUS NAUFRAGIUM (old Overflow).
This is my fourth creation, a duo performed by me and the French dancer Anna-Maria Bayon.
This creation takes as its starting point the social condition of ‘shipwreck’ and the survival that follows. The work thus revolves around the themes of resilience, adaptation and mutual support.
The two performers, two shipwrecked women, rescue each other, support each other, and join forces to move forward together in a stormy sea: a metaphor for a social and contemporary shipwreck.
At the centre of the creation is the body, the main and only choreographic tool.
The residency at Akropoditi proved to be an important opportunity for the work to evolve. The working conditions were very good: large and well-equipped room, friendly and helpful staff, fantastic landscape!
Anna Maria and I also had the opportunity to give a class to local students. It was a valuable opportunity, a rich exchange. The dancers were curious to get to know us and to learn. It was important for us to come into close contact with the artists on the island in a practice of mutual transmission and exchange.
Thank you Akropodites and see you soon I hope!

Artemis Pyrpilis 1024 820 dancecenter

Artemis Pyrpilis

09/10/22 -23/10/22

Visual and Performing Arts
Title of the project: “ΝΕΤΤΕ: a kinesic experiment”

ΝΕΤΤΕ: a kinesic experiment

Open presentation: 22 October 2022 at 20:00
Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre

In 2019, Artemis Pyrpilis went for the first time to the house where her grandmother was born and spent her childhood, 7 years after her passing. Searching through the rooms, drawers and boxes, she discovered the young girl she was in the 40s. A dancer, a gymnast, a restless girl whom her closed ones called Nette.
Who was really Nette and what was her connection to her? The shared silence, from the inevitability of her death, slowly became an reason to find their common voice for all that she didn’t know united them.
This is how the NETTE photo book came about.
The project “ΝΕΤΤΕ: a kinesic experiment” is an attempt to record a kinetic improvisation with a starting point and in interaction with archival images of Nette, in motion. The kinetic expression will be structured in the natural landscape of Syros (in coherence with nature as a background in the archival images) allowing any result that can arise through this internal “fermentation” of experimentation/improvisation based on the interaction with the kinetic expression of her grandmother.
The aim is to further connect the personal relationship between granddaughter and grandmother, but also to explore the broader connection between photography and dance.
The final result will be a video that includes both the archival images and the recording of the kinetic experimentation as through this it will apprehend the expression and physicality of Nette while exploring the movement through its recording.

Workshop with the photographer Artemis Pyrpili
Archival and contemporary images in the narration of a photographic work

Artemis Pyrpilis (1987) is a French-Greek photographer.
She studied photography in Paris and after working as a photographer in France, the UK, Germany and the United States she decided to return to Greece in 2013.
She has participated in various group exhibitions, at C / O Berlin in Germany, at the State Museum of Contemporary Art and at the Photobiennale in Thessaloniki, but also at the Host Gallery in London.
She has also presented her work in 2 solo exhibitions in Greece.
In September 2021, her first photo book “NETTE” was published by punto e basta editions and launched at the Polka Factory in Paris.
Today she lives in Thessaloniki where she teaches at the Stereosis School of Photography and at the MOMus-Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki while at the same time working on personal projects experimenting with various artistic fields.

In 2019, seven years after my grandmother’s passing, Ι went for the first time to the house where she was born and spent her childhood.
Searching through the rooms, drawers and boxes I discovered previously unseen pictures of her when she was a young girl in the 40s.
A dancer, a gymnast, a restless girl whom her closed ones called Nette.
In the midst of the pandemic I got my hands on the archival images I retrieved from that house looking to find who Nette really was and what my own connection to her is.
The shared silence, from the inevitability of her death, slowly became a reason to find our common voice through all of the things that united us without knowing it.
This is how the NETTE photobook was born, published in September 2021.
Wanting to continue the work I’ve made the past few years on the connection with my grandmother, on memory and time,
I chose to explore the wider connection of photography-dance/image-movement by applying to the artistic residency of Akropoditi.
Akropoditi welcomes creators from various artistic scopes and is receptive to the combination of creative fields.
This was an important reason to apply for the residency as it gave me the freedom to explore how I could combine photography, movement and video with an experimental intention.
In October 2022, at Akropoditi’s artistic residency, I recorded a kinetic improvisation starting from and in interaction with archival images of my grandmother, Nette, in motion.
Keeping the element of nature, which appears as a background in the archival material,
I accordingly structured my kinetic expression against the background of the natural landscape of Syros which simultaneously functioned as an important stimulus.
This was the starting point that I had consciously set in the context of the creative process and resulted in a short dance film, a sensorial journey powered by the inner need for constant movement.
I had the luck and the opportunity to create a project that means a lot to me in a highly inspiring environment like Akropoditi.

Larbi Namouchi 1024 820 dancecenter

Larbi Namouchi

30/01/22 – 06/02/22

Performing Arts – Dance
Title of the project: “ADAMAH”

There is an etymological link between adam and adamah. Adamah designating “red clay” or “red earth », Adam is the name given by God to the first man on earth. According to the Old Testament, God created Adam on the sixth day of creation from a little clay, clay or dust according to translations. Eve, the first woman, was created from the body of Adam according to the Book of Genesis. Of the union of Adam and Eve, were born Abel and Cain: Adam is therefore the founder of humanity.
This production has unfortunately been freezed during the lockdowns. This among of time as a break, has nourished my creativity and artistic vision about the piece.

I have traveled so much through the centuries that never came to earth, so much surveyed colors, languages, knowledge and I saw no origin, no truth, a part from the path that clears a glance as it fades away.
Céline Zins (Adamah)

Adamah is a living organism, fixed in a neutral space, a place of all possibilities. The piece is thus composed of a choreographic and performative product. Between intimate and extreme, between inside and outside, between dream and consciousness. An eternal return to the origin, to the initial impulse, for another continuation.

This piece comes from an observation, the acknowledgment of a failure the world we live in is inexorably damaged, because of self-destroying mankind, and civilizations declining and dying out Adamah offers a utopian vision of the world where I would like to be able to live, a world in where I wish to see humanity in harmony Indeed, I aspire to plural harmony to live better with others, without any race, culture, religious or political persuasion ostracizing anyone without giving up on the universality of the human condition.

Residency at Dansomètre, Vevey en Switzerland from 4th until 18th of March 2019
Residency at théâtre le croiseur -Lyon, August – November 2019
Festival Implultion 2019 Lyon
Residency at La Cité de la Culture in Tunis December 2021
Residence Theater Bizarre! La Machinerie Lyon January 2022
Residency at the Dance and Performing Arts Centre Akropoditi, 30 January until 6 February 2022 Syros Greece with presentation of the premiere 6 February.
Festival Rabî Al Jassad Avril 2022 Tunisia

Larbi Namouchi: Choreographic Artist / Performer
Born in 1984 in Tunis, fascinated very early on by the circus and martial arts, Larbi Namouchi, as a child, began with Hip hop dance, traditional and Sufi dances. Between 1998 and 2005, he joined companies like Syhem Belkhodja, Imed Jemaa, Nawel Skandrani. In 2005 he won a scholarship and studied at the International Academy of Dance in Paris, within a multidisciplinary training (Theater, Jazz, Contemporary). Since then he has worked and multiplied meetings, exchanges and collaborations with many choreographers and artists from different disciplines such as, Yan Lheureux, Fabienne Berger, Boris Charmatz, Benoit Lachambre, Tonia Shilling, Abou Lagraa, Sandra Martinez Dahou, Omar Ghayatt, Christophe Honoré, Ashley Wright. In his choreographic influences, we can note the research work of Steve Paxton. Larbi Namouchi participates in several festivals, video dance projects, films, performances. In 2017, he founded his own company in Lyon, named Compagnie Shafak (=“dusk” in Arabic). He has never stopped working and exploring through his works and those of others, while remaining free and mobile, body and mind.

Mirto Charalampous 1024 819 dancecenter

Mirto Charalampous

01/11/2021 – 07/11/2021

Performing Arts – Dance
Title of the project: “Landing Sensing Moving”

Landing Sensing Moving
“Landing Sensing Moving” is the last research project of the PhD thesis “Transitional space in performance and architecture”. The practice explores the lived experience of space in site specific performance. It searches new choreographic devices based on the bodily knowledge that comes through the senses, tactile, intuitive and imaginative. Transitional spaces reveal a complex web of relationships, emotions and responses that are waiting to be expressed through movement. They create the desire towards connection within landscape where we can connect with ourselves and the world around us.

Open Call
During the workshop we will focus on the experience of space through the body. Working outdoors in the island of Syros we will explore notions of identity and becoming through our senses and the relationship with the place. Using exercises from somatic techniques, body psychotherapy and instant composition we will create a movement practice through which we will become more present and connected with the environment.
In the end, there will be an open presentation of the practice. The material of the workshop will be used as part of the research after acquired the consent of the participants. We will meet the period between 2-6 November (2 hours daily) with an open presentation on the 7th.
The workshop is open to everyone.

Mirto Charalampous
Mirto Charalampous is dance researcher and body-oriented therapist. With theatre, body psychotherapy and cinema studies (MA on cultural and film studies, University of Athens, BA in theatre, Arhi Drama School, Core Energetics) and experience in dance and somatics (Skinner Releasing Technique, Body Mind Centering, Core Awareness, Movement Ritual) she is interested in the experiential knowledge and awareness through the body. Part of her PhD research (Technical University of Athens, faculty of Architecture) has been presented at the International Dance Festival in Lisbon and in Keiv Gallery in Athens.

DALIKA DANCE COMPANY 1024 819 dancecenter


15/09/2021 – 06/10/2021

Performing Arts – Dance
Title of the project: “KRISSIS 11”


Athens, present, today A man’s home; his most personal space is transformed into an urban single life myth hideout for the aspects and parts of his character that reveals ways and escape routes from his everyday life. Following the surrealistic solo of a woman residing at 36 Pythonos St, which was premiered May 2020, a new peephole opens from the apartment across the street. At 11 Krissis St, the audience becomes the observer of another intermediate space, where the personal becomes public, bringing into spotlight the man that stands before the world yet even more before his own self.

COLLABORATORS concept | choreography: Vasso Giannakopoulou performance | co-creator: Nondas Damopoulos music | live electronics: Chrysanthos Christodoulou dramaturgy: Simos Patieridis

Vasso Giannakopoulou was born in Athens, Greece in 1971. She studied dance at the State School of Dance and graduated from the Visual Arts Center in Athens in 1994. In 2003 she presented her first choreography “Night Mirror”, with which she participated at Kalamata International Dance Festival and Athens Dance Festival. In December 2004, together with light designer Tassos Paleoroutas, she co-founded Dalika Dance company and has choreographed all of the company’s productions “Digono”, “Fyllo kai Ftero”, “Nowhere”, “Noble Escape”, “Maria goes to the river”, “Flutter”, “Pythonos 36” presented in theatres and International dance Festivals in Greece and abroad. She was a member of the choreographic team in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens and at the 1st European games in Baku 2015 by the artistic direction of D.Papaioannou. She is a founding member of the “Syndesmos chorou”, a group of Greek choreographers who have been collaborating for a series of projects presenting at Kalamata International Dance Festival, Athens & Epidaurous Inetrnational Festival and theaters in Greece. She has been collaborating as a choreographer for theater groups and has been teaching contemporary dance and Feldenkrais method. The company has been subsidized by the Ministry of Culture for its new production “KRISSIS 11”.

Epameinondas Damopoulos
He was born in Athens in 1986. He was engaged in a number of individual and team sports as well as with classic athleticism in a level of championship, receiving nationwide honors. He then entered into the dance studies. He graduated from Despina Grigoriadou’s Professional Dance School and from the Athens School of Physical Education and Sport Science with specialization in “Orchestration” and “Greek Traditional Dance”. He has collaborated with: Agni Papadeli, Christina Sougioultzi, Patricia Apergi, Mariza Vinieratou, Iris Karayan, Tzeni Argyriou, Sofia Mavragani, Christos Papadopoulos, Charis Kousios, Natassa Avra, Filippos Vassiliou among others, participating in performances in Greece and abroad. Ιn 2018 he participated in Onassis’ educational program for students “Dancing to Connect” as well as in the movement Workshop for people with and without visual impairments ‘IDANCE’ (2016). He has experience in track and field coaching, in greek traditional dance teaching as well as the last years he has been busy with specialized training. He is interested in a partnership of sports and dance, and in particular in its artistic imprint in performative practices

Nayia T. Karacosta 1024 819 dancecenter

Nayia T. Karacosta

18/07/2021 – 20/07/2021

Performing Arts
Title of the project: “Discovering our Under/Pants”


Discovering our Under/pants

“Discovering our Under/pants” is actress and performer’s Nayias T. Karacosta project in relation with her residency programme “Moving the new” at Dance house Limassol.
The project was created out of the need to talk about the female body, our self-disposition and pleasures through techniques derived from documentary theater.
This research started from a series of recorded interviews of women who spoke about their experiences regarding (or lack of) self-pleasuring.
Their stories were then morphed into a script and the script into a performance (“Under/pants” part 1).
As the research went along, it branched out into workshops, where through the use of theater games we talk about our bodies and our experiences- memories regarding them.
At the same time the second part of this research is how the narration of the interviewers/participants true body affects her own body as a performer and how this new body can transform into a new artistic expression.
The project aims at the collection of research data for further expanding on the ongoing script to become “Under/pants” part 2.

OPEN CALL FOR “Discovering our under/pants

How do we talk about our bodies?
How does our body become a documentary?

The experiential workshop “Discovering our Under/pants” calls on adult women of all backgrounds to talk about their bodies through the use of a series of theater games.
This workshop serves as part’ A of the ongoing research project “Discovering our under/pants” where it focuses on the use of theatre games as a questionnaire of experiential interviews.
The workshop will be recorded and the data acquired will be used as a documentary for presenting at the 8th International Dance and Dancetheatre Festival Akropoditi DanceFest 2021, as well as material for future Under/pants iterations, having of course acquired the consent of the participants.

* The first meeting at 18th of July will be at 12:00 – 14:00 at Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre (Iroon Polytechneiou 84, Hermoupolis, Syros) and the time of the future meeting will be decided by the team

** No experience at theater or dance required.

Submission: until Saturday 10 July
Τel. : +30 6944-771449, +30 6973-792685

Organized by the Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre, in collaboration with the Dance House Lemesos

Moving The New Abroad
Dance House Lemesos, Moving the New, artistic residency programme has at its core the artistic development of Cyprus based artists that performing arts. The programme serves the goal of Dance House Lemesos that focuses on encouraging the continuous progress of local choreographers, dancers and artists from the field of performing arts, their participation within the broader European dance/performing arts scene, as well as the reinforcement of audience engagement.
As part of ‘Moving Abroad’ strand the selected artists have the opportunity to visit like- minded centres/organisations/festivals for 5 days, in order to explore their artistic idea further and present their research and methodologies with the local communities /audiences.

Nayia T. Karacosta
Nayia T. Karacosta graduated from the School of Drama, Faculty of Fine Arts- Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Specialized in Acting and Performance Arts.
As an actress she co-founded with Eleni Anastasiou the theatrical group Intra Portas with whom they perform site-specific plays happening inside the classrooms at schools. They also co-wrote and she performed the documentary play ‘’Under/pants’’ based on interviews about women’s masturbation. She also worked with Nastazia Christodoulou, Aris Stefani, Magdalena Zira, Asteris Peltekis, Louis Patsias, Themis Theocharoglou, Ersi Vasilikioti, Stergios, Dinopoulos, Tasos Rantzos, Alexandros Politakis and others, in plays, films and tv-series.
As a Drama facilitator she teaches Educational Drama and Theatrical games across a variety of groups, ages and backgrounds.
Nayia was also a member of the artistic committee in the 32rd Pancyprian Festival of Amateur Theatre.

Riccardo Buscarini 1024 819 dancecenter

Riccardo Buscarini

07/07/2021 – 10/07/2021

Performing Arts
Title of the project: “Eyelands”


Eyelands is choreographer Riccardo Buscarini’s travelling project dedicated to the islands and their culture. The play between “i” and “eye” in the title is intended to suggest a research on identity through a specific observation, such as an in-depth, scientific study.
Eyelands aims to speak of the historical and social value of belonging and the relevance of a profound gaze on the world as an instrument to get to know ourselves as individuals and communities. It is a project that celebrates the potential of culture and movement, understood both as a functional action and an artistic expression, to create bridges between people, places and cultures that are far away -in space and time.
After La Gomera (Canary Islands), Malta and Cyprus, the next chapter of the project will be held in Syros.
The project takes the form of a series of periods of residency of two or more weeks on an island. Riccardo Buscarini chooses a specific characteristic of the island which becomes the topic of the research. A series of interviews, meetings, targeted visits and a movement workshop with the participation of a group of local people focusses on this particular aspect – of the orography, of the language, of the handicraft, of the folklore, etc. The purpose of the period of residence is the creation and presentation of a public performance speaking of the island and its culture through its inhabitants’ bodies.


Riccardo is looking for a group of adult people (possibly about 8-10 people) who are willing to take part in this creative process. We will be talking, moving, telling stories and sharing our perspectives on identity, traditions and what makes us who we are.
No previous experience in dance or movement is necessary.

Dates: 4 hours per day during the period 7-9 July and open performance on the 10th of July.
The performance will be included in the 8th International Dance & Dancetheatre Festival “Akropoditi DanceFest” 2021 events, in Hermoupolis, Syros.

Submission: until Monday 28 June
Τel. : +30 6944-771449, +30 6973-792685


Award-winning choreographer Riccardo Buscarini has been working internationally in the fields of contemporary dance and visual arts since 2009. Highlights of his career to date include winning The Place Prize 2013 with Athletes, the participation in the international projects ArtsCross London 2013, Performing Gender 2013-15, MAM-Maroc Artist Meeting (2015). He has collaborated in events in the frame of London Fashion Week and London Festival of Architecture (2016-2019), Summerhall (Edinburgh) and London gallery Nahmad Projects during the exhibition i’m NOT tino sehgal (curated by Francesco Bonami) and miart, Milan’s modern and contemporary art fair 2017. Silk, his creation for Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theater (Russia) was nominated for two Golden Masks 2018 (Best Choreography and Best Choreographer) at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and then restaged at Zfin Malta, the National Dance Company of Malta in autumn 2019. In 2016 he approached opera direction working on contemporary and traditional titles in Italy, UK and Germany. He was one of the EDGE 2020 choreographers, London.

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