The journey of lost things: a children's workshop on loss
Saturday 7 October
1st Feldenkrais Courses Cycle 2023-24
with Vasso Giannakopoulou

11 October - 29 November
Theatre Laboratory with Anthoula Chairopoulou
29 September - 15 December
ANIMAL MOVEMENT Workshop with Christina Skarmoutsou
18 - 19 Μarch 2023
Training course in Thai yoga massage with Vangelis Varis
November 5-6, December 3-4 2022 | January 21-22, February 11-12 2023
Fragile bones - Masterclass with Sevasti Zafeira
22 May 2023


Open presentation of the project “Sisters’ Project” by artists in residence Ismini Slijper, Aggeliki Sakellariou and Myrsini Tzavara
08 October 2023
Artisti Diner: Open presentation of the project “Escales” by Bise Noire and artists in residence Mileva Testas, Ludovic Vial, Nicolas Steullet, Lucas Herzig
14 September 2023
Let’s celebrate together!
1 April 2023
Open presentation of the project “OVERFLOW”
by artists in residence Silvia Pezzarossi & Anna-Maria Bayon

3 March 2023

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