Akropoditi Dance & Performing Arts Centre

Akropoditi: on tiptoes, softly, silently, carefully but also boldly, above and beyond the fragility of the limits

The Akropoditi Dance & Performing Arts Centre operates in Syros since January 2013. The two connected buildings used by the Centre consist of one Studio for lessons and the Workshop Centre for artistic activities and events.

The primary goal of the Studio is to create an appropriate environment for familiarization and contact with classical dance and with different aspects of contemporary dance, but also in general with the research process in the field of movement and expression. At the same time, the Studio hosts alternative forms of physical exercise and rehabilitation.

The main objectives of the Workshop Centre are the cultural development and promotion of the island, hosting and organising artistic and educational programs, hosting performances and providing artistic residency to creators from around the world. The space is open to partnerships with local organisations, residents, and artists of Syros, as well as the rest of the country and other countries, inviting people of all ages to participate in its activities.

Apart from the actions related to the dance and performing arts, the Centre offers housing to any other form of art, expression, and creation. Preconditions of all activities are to support the cultivation of spirit and body, free creation, individual and group initiative through any action that contributes to the fulfilment and the development of perceptual and expressive possibilities.

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