Medusa #2

The performance was awarded the Prize of Dance from the Union of Critics for Theatre and Dance in November 2016

Medusa is austere and enrapturing. A ludicrous and, at the same time, tragic face. She is an enchanting mermaid but also a terrorizing beast, a lullaby and a nightmare, silence and scream. She gets punished and punishes, undergoing from a position of submission and exclusion to a position of authority and wild power.

She will be called Medusa. She will be a horse. She will be a mermaid.
She will be beautiful. She will be a monster.
Poseidon will fall in love with her.
He will be transformed into a horse to conquer her.
Athena will get angry. She will put a curse on her.
She will isolated her on a rock.
Anyone who looks at her will turn to stone.
Anyone who looks at her will die.
No one will be able to approach her.
No one but me.

2017 Production:
Choreography – Direction: Angeliki Sigourou
Performers: Yiannis Vrizakis, Olga Kalantzi, Mary Mavri, Thalassini Nomikou, Nektarios Papalexiou, Vivi Sklia, Ariadni Psychogiopoulou
Music: Nikos Kypourgos, Yiannis Vrizakis
Set Design: Eleanna Kotsikou
Costumes: Margarita Voutsinou
Visual Curation: Alexandra Georgiadou
Light Desing: Nasos Zagkotis
Photos: Eleanna Kotsikou, Dimitris Vamvakousis
Video & Editing: IRIGeNEIA_proudActions

With the support of Municipality of Syros – Hermoupolis

9 August 2017 Santorini – SAF Festival 2017 Santorini Arts Factory
12 August 2017 Sitia – Kazarma Fortress
13 August 2017 Ierapetra – 3rd Gymnasium of Ierapetra
16 August 2017 Agios Nikolaos – Plaz EOT
18 August 2017 Heraklion – Garden Theatre “Manos Hatzidakis”
25 August 2017 Rethymno – Theatre “Erofili”
27 August 2017 Chania – East Trench Theatre
12 & 13 September 2017 Syros – Apollon Theatre – SYROS POLITISMOS