The theatrical art of beasts

Hamlet, Hamletmachine, victim and victimizer – their fate is common, under certain circumstances raw violence makes the wild beast revenge, exterminate and be self-exterminated. 
Quartet, internal strife, a power game, a wild game of another’s annihilation, the other being a different kind, thus threatening, unknown, envious, loathsome.
Lullaby, everything ends to a mouth, the ultimate voice of solitude, the very last passage for a living creature to communicate with a deadened world.
Exploration position, the wounded animal is rejected and gets wild, just like all wounded animals.

Choreography – Direction: Angeliki Sigourou
Performers: Natalia Athanassiadou, Ioanna Antonarou, Isidoros Galatsiou, Katerina Gaki, Natassa Karagiorgi, Filia Milidaki, Christina Nikolia, Loukia Papageorgiou, Manti Papandreou, Angeliki Samoili, Antonis Sporidis, Antigoni Choundri
Texts: Hamlet – William Shakespear, Hamletmachine – Heiner Müller, Request Stop – Harold Pinter, Quartet – Heiner Müller, Rockaby – Samuel Beckett

Audio mixing and editing: Asimakis Reppas
Responsible for the music: Nikos Panagiotakis
Hip-hop Part:
Composition, music production, text selction from Hamletmachine and adaptation to verse:
Iosif Printezis
Punk Rock Part:
Music, text selection from Hamletmachine: Apostolis Dadatsis
Request Stop, Rockaby, Quartet: Nikos Panagiotakis

Set design: Marilena Kollia, Myrto Belopoulou
Set construction: Giorgos Arvanitis, Marilena Kollia, Giannis Krassas (metal constructions), Myrto Belopoulou, Vangelis Nomikos
Costume design: Marilena Kollia, Myrto Belopoulou
Costume construction: Eirini Amvrosova

August 2007, Booze Cooperativa, Athens
July 2007, Hermoupolis Syros (Ermoupoleia 2007)