Sebastian #1

The invisible character of T. Williams’ Suddenly, Last Summer is the very same person that crosses the line from absence to presence in Sebastian.
The performance focuses on “what we do not see, what has already come about and has now finished, what has never turned into an image”. It follows the route of an external and at the same time internal representation.
The image with its dual use and importance, its outside and its inside along with the images described and implied in the performance create the basic scenery: there, where the story of Sebastian and its unseen aspects emerge from the bodies of the performers who simultaneously dive into the hero to meet a complicated psyche, with the dominant element of the omnipotence of nature. A nature that creates and devours, that gives generously but also deprives totally: a nature that is tender and carnivorous at the same time.

A hand is enough for a total transformation to take place:
From handshake to begging.
A costume is enough for an image to be reversed:
from the graceful and elegant presence of a gentleman to the bowed and shell-like body of a beggar.

The roles are reversed and nature regulates its scales in a cruel but fair way; he who has eaten will now be eaten.

Choreography – Direction: Angeliki Sigourou
2013 Production:
Philipos Evangelou, Iliana Kalapotharakou, Dimitris Karalice, Pigi Lobotesi, Nabil El Barage, Anna Ouzounidou, Eleni Pagkalia, Nadia Palaiologou, Constantin Charalampopoulos.

Lighting design: Tassos Palaioroutas
Sound engineer: Stratis Petropouleas
Original music: Yannis Roussos
Music tracks heard in the performance: St Matthew Passion (Final chorus) – Johann Sebastian, Bach, Hunter – Bjork
Vocal improvisation: Savina Yannatou
Music editing: Yannis Roussos
Shirts design: Angeliki Manesi
Shirts manufacture: Angeliki Manesi, Margarita Voutsinou
Costumes: P. Athanassopoulos Bros
Set construction: Vassilis Vikelis, Stavros Mangonis
Booklet and poster design: Akropoditi Design Team
Photographers: Kirana Gkioka, Konstantina Gorgogianni, SensoReye Production, Vasilis Sfakianopoulos, Dimitris Tampakis, Dimitris Vamvakousis, Takis Vekopoulos
Video: Dimitris Logothetis, Yannis Mironides, Alexandros Seitarides

July 2013, Neos Kosmos Theatre (12th Dance Festival of the Association of Greek Choreographers), Apollo Theatre, Hermoupolis, Syros (Syros – Culture 2013)