Next moment

Improvisation on minor changes

The near future; the next moment; time passes and is being constantly transformed into before, now and after; the innumerous small changes that now and then make the big changes; the inner changes and the outer ones; those that change the inside from outside; the changes we are after; those which come by chance; the ones that each one provokes to themselves and the ones that others provoke to us; it’s time, which counts everything; time, which defines, determines and leads; time, which both allows and prohibits; the moments we long for and look forward to and those that pass hastily and are lost; the moments we are afraid of and banish and those that seem eternal and nestle in our memory for all our life; the moments of each one separately; the moments of all of us together…
The next moment often brings a change; a change sometimes familiar, sometimes strange; sometimes visible, sometimes indiscernible; sometimes solitary, sometimes shared…

Concept: Angeliki Sigourou
Improvisation: Natassa Karagiorgi, Mary Mavri, Christina Nikolia, Manti Papandreou, Angeliki Sigourou, Vivi Sklia, Antigoni Choundri
Live music: Panos Dramytinos
Booklet design: Myrto Belopoulou
Overall Support: Alexandra Georgiadou

Mole of Hermoupolis, Syros
5th Science Fiction Festival