Love oblivion

In the future, in-love persons have lost their memory. More specifically, they are unable to recall their love partner. Every day they look in perplexity, astonishment and horror the unknown body lying in their arms. Thus, the lovers of the future have to meet every day anew, to fight their unknown «enemy» and love the other all the way from the beginning. It’s definitely had and torturous, but also refreshing… the lovers of the future remain in love since there is no time for boredom, routine or desire for a new love. Their being together lasts only one day…
Desire for the «other», the different, the strange and also denial, repulsion, conflict with the very same «other», is an issue that impends to come in the future in a more powerful, decisive and catalytic way. And we will be called to deal with it every single day…

Choreography: Angeliki Sigourou
Performers: Angeliki Sigourou, Giorgos Terzis
Music: Gouaime Divanis
Set & costume design – Lighting: Myrto Belopoulou, Vangelis Papadakis

May 2007, Industrial Museum, Hermoupolis, Syros
3rd Science Fiction Festival