Two feet for Two – Olaia Valle & Gilles Noël

Dos pies para Dos  – Two feet for two
Olaia Valle & Gilles Noël

Belgium / Spain

Dos pies para Dos is a chorographical duo created by a Basque dancer, Olaia Valle, and a Belgian dancer, Gilles Noël. This work is an invitation to a voyage in which the necessity to carry on prevails. A moment where the urge to continue marks the rhythm. Collaboration appears to maintain an uninterrupted flow. This project is an opportunity for two opposite bodies to surrender themselves to the other. A chance to explore the fine line between collaborative bodies and wrestling bodies.

During this quest for cohabitation, the performers and the audience are immersed into a soundscape made of tonalities from the Basque culture. Referring to the place where the idea of this instant was born. The red thread just as the starting point for our trip to the unknown. Dos pies para Dos is made for unconventional places. The space in which the duo happens becomes part of this moment exchange. This work takes place in a circle made by the audience which implies that the fourth wall hasn’t been invited to this gathering

Idea and choreography: Gilles Noël and Olaia Valle
Performers: Gilles Noël and Olaia Valle
External advisor: María Ibarretxe
Recording: Miren Lizeaga, Ioritz Galarraga, and Jone Amezaga.
Edition: Zuhaitz Fernandez
Photos: Eder Sagredo (Street) y Gorka Bravo (Inside)
Video: Marian Gerrikabeitia
Artistic residencies: Utopian Getxo, Azkuna Zentroa, Punto de Fuga, Basque Country
Support: Basque government, and Dantzan Bilaka

Supported by Wallonie-Bruxelles International

Duration: 15 min

Supported by a grant from Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)


Olaia Valle

I have always been a curious, restless, and very attached to sports child. Since I discovered dance, I have not been able to stop learning, seeing, searching, and trying. I am passionate about being able to continue knowing and questioning myself through movement. Since 2016 I collaborate with different companies and projects in Spain, that work about the art of movement. Among them I have worked with Dantzaz Company, Jesús Rubio, Myriam Perez, La Intrusa. In recent years, I have combined my work as a performer with my on work, trying to give answers through movement to questions that concern me.

Gilles Noël 

Educated in contemporary dance, Gilles is a performer eager to question the medium. He values simplicity, efficiency and clarity in propositions. In 2019, in parallel to his performances, Gilles started master’s studies in Cultural management at the university of Brussels (ULB) to develop his knowledge in economics, cultural politics and cultural industry but mainly to question the cultural sector itself and the role of an artist in the contemporary capitalistic society. This season, Gilles collaborates with the choreographer Felicette Chazerand, the Artist Olaia Valle and with the organisation EKLA – l’art pour tous to promote art in schools in the French community of Belgium.

The event is finished.


13 Jul 2022




Evanthia Kairi Theatre
Agiou Mina, Lazaretta

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