Shifting space – Fabian Wixe

Contemporary Dance Workshop

The class will be a practice based around Flying Low (David Zambrano’s technique), going in and out of the ground, passing through yourself and the others in the room. We will also explore flow in relation to the group, and how to carry and recycle the energy of the group in movement and stillness.
Throughout the work we will talk with our bodies, encouraging this communication in order to help ourselves resolve problems as, or preferably before they arise. Move with your whole body, including your problems, doubts and limits, always pushing towards the edges as we aim to go full with a body that is ready to respond with or without preparation, when and how you need it.
Finally, we will work with a given phrase and exercises specific to this work, adding to it each day, increasing the speed and the complexity of the body, while calming the mind in order to keep up.
Prepare to sweat, to keep working when you’re tired (smile to the pain), and to enjoy!!

Ages: 15+
Level: Professional and experienced non-professional dancers

Photo credit: Dimitris Parthimos, Gilles Aguilar

Fabian Wixe

Swedish born, Fabian trained as a circus performer in London at the Circus Space (2004-2006), then continued his studies at Le Lido in Toulouse (2006-2008), specializing in Chinese Pole.
After graduating he joined French circus company ’Collectif AOC’ (2009-2015) for several productions (’Autochtone’, ’Un Dernier Pour la Route’, ’les Vadrouilles’.)
In 2010 he began working with international theatre company OBRA, with who he is now a core member, and created and toured ‘Gaudete’. Their next production ’IBIDEM’ is in the making.
2011 he started ’Project i19’ together with dancer Marie Wårell, and toured their performance ’layers’ internationally (2013-2014). Their second production ’Birds (come back to bones) premiered April 2018.
Fabian has worked extensively across Europe and the world as both solo performer and teacher. His current pedagogy is focused on floorwork and Flying Low, as well as developing the practice of OBRA theatre Co.

The event is finished.


11 - 15 Jul 2023


12:30 - 15:00


Sports Center Dimitrios Bikelas
Ir. Politechniou 72, Ermoupoli

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