on the thread’s edge, acrobats – Evi Aresti

Puppetry Workshop for children aged 8-12

In this workshop we will explore the basic principles of puppet animation through various puppetry techniques. We will work with direct manipulation puppets, utilitarian objects and materials, the body as a puppet. By using sounds from musical instruments and our voice as percussion we will create a sound environment for experimentation on the possibilities of communication and expression of thoughts and feelings. Kinetic exercises, drama techniques, games (for cohesion and getting to know the group, activation, concentration, etc.), will be the tools for a creative lesson.
We will make puppets with simple materials and study the range and quality of movement. The way of speaking, breathing, eye focus, rhythm, direction, etc. will comprise elements for exploration.
The puppet on pause, in action, in conversation and interaction with the world around her.
Through structured improvisations we will invent the space in which the creatures-characters that will emerge will share small stories-snapshots of their lives.
We will work all together, in subgroups, in pairs and individually.

the puppet, balancing between an existing and a non-existent world,
shares its truth with us.

on the thread’s edge, you mumble spells, stories you weave

wonders travelers, myths riders
words wayfarers, puppets acrobats

Level: Open
Ages: 8-12 years-old


Evi Aresti

Evi Aresti is a puppeteer, puppet maker, graduate of SEYP, TEI of Athens. She attended a puppet making and animation workshop with teacher Christos Aftsidis (Xarxout Puppet Theatre) in 2002 and staged her first performance in 2003. In 2006 she founded KouKlouvahata Puppet Theatre.
She taught puppetry in the Department of Preschool Education at I.E.K Syros and in an educational seminar of G.G.E.E. and N.E.L.E Cyclades.
She has participated in the International Puppet Festival of Hydra, the 2nd Puppeteers and Storytellers Tribute, the 1st and 3rd Student Festival of Expression and Creation, the Orchestra of the Cyclades concert-Lillipouli Here, the Puppets and Shadows with soul tribute, the Genius loci art exhibition-The spirit of the place, in storytelling for the creation of an audio library, as well as in events of the Syros-Culture festival, World Children’s Book Day, etc.
She has taken part in the group performances/actions: Migratory Birds (Compagnie Arketal), Meetings: Syros (Ermira Goro), Madness: living among (Akropoditi Dancetheatre), The City and its Labyrinth (The Walk-Little Amal).
She has attended workshops on making puppets and animating utilitarian objects, dramatization and theatrical play, physical theatre, modern dance and improvisation, cinema, acting, ancient drama, animation, voice, etc.
From 2004 until today she lives in Syros, where she gives puppet theatre shows and performs puppet building and animation workshops.

The event is finished.


17 - 19 Jul 2023


18:00 - 20:00




Evanthia Kairi Theatre
Agiou Mina, Lazaretta

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