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The worry of order and the meticulous management of each deed and gesture may be virtuous, but what about the mania, if not that it haunts each of us like an irresistible temptation. So many gestures, so many fixed ideas that reassure and frame us, constituting what we believe to be: multiple “I’s” which create confusion about our own identity … An interior struggle, an obsession with precise gestures by a deliberately neutral-gender duo. Harmony, gentleness, opposition: Which facet will have the last word?

Duration: 20 min.

Sidonie Fossé

Sidonie Fossé studied at CNR Rouen and at the CNSMDP in Paris, in the Contemporary section. She joined Rudra Béjart and then the Béjart Ballet. After, she worked with Joost Vrouenraets in Gotra Ballet. In 2010, she founded the Opinion Public company project where she is a dancer-choreographer. She also worked as an Assistant Choreographer for the Konzert Theater Bern, for the Opera Ballet du Rhin and for the Grands Ballets Canadiens. She participated in the creation of Rocking Chair, an original multiple-choice show.

Victor Launay

Victor Launay studied in several schools in France and Switzerland. He then worked for several companies in Europe. He is assistant for ” …Cupid s’en fout ” with the Ballet de l’Opéra National du Rhin and participates in the choreographic collective Opinion Public for multiple creations. At the same time, he created the company “Les Vikings” in 2014, with the duet “Etreinte”. The following year, he produced ” l’Aveuglement ” which won the first prize at the Certamen de Burgos & New-York and the special prize of Biarritz at the Concours des Synodales. At the same time, the company created “Bajo Los Arboles” for the Balleto di Siena in Italy (2015) and “Historia de un segundo” for Dantzaz in Spain (2016). She also collaborates in the creation of a puppet show “L’enfant perdu”, in France, with the company Via Verde.
In 2017, he won the first prize at the Bern Competition and the following year he created “Einstein” for the Konzert Theater Bern. At the same time, he teaches in various companies and pre-professional training courses in Europe and in dance schools.

The event is finished.


21 Jul 2022




Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre 2
Iroon Polytexniou 84, Hermoupolis

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