f-infinite, Art-limbed Dancing our limbs tending toward infinity – Irini Kourouvani

Movement workshop for people with and without disabilities

In this year’s workshop, we will lay emphasis on the innate movement material that each participant brings and where this can lead us…
We will study the distinctiveness of movement of different bodies and how these can soften, can be shared, and along the way change quality upon meeting different people.
We will step into each other’s moves so that we feel any possible difficulties-ease that will emerge from that.
We will work with our 5 senses and how they can encourage or restrict our movement in space.
We will attend to our weight and how it guides us sometimes to move, sometimes creates blockage, other times immobilizes us, and other times it leads us through.
We will walk, we will run, we will pause.
Last but not least, we will value the present moment in the infinitesimal of time which in some instances surprises us so unexpectedly.

We invite you to the open presentation of the workshop “f-infinite, Art-limbed Dancing our limbs tending toward infinity” by Irini Kourouvani on Friday 21/07 at 4th Elementary School (Nik. Mandilara 22, Ermoupoli) at 19:00.
(Free entrance)

Ages: 15+
Levels: All levels

Photo credit: Lida Touloumakou

Irini Kourouvani

Irini was born with a very rare medical condition called arthrogryposis in a beautiful village of Ilia/Greece.
She studied political science at the law University of Greece.
In 1992 she was awarded from the Academy of Athens by giving her prize about her positive approach in life despite the difficulties caused by her disability.
She got part in 7 world championships in 4 different categories:
1)Athletics (Athens’97)
2)Athletic Dance (Holland 1998)
3)Power lifting (Malaysia 2002/2010-Korea 2006)
4)Sailing (Holland 2016-Spain 2019)
In 2015 she participated in the first underwater dance performance called “Drop of breath”
She has also danced for prestigious festivals such as Athens Epidaurus Festival and International Kalamata dance festival.
She took also part in several education programs of Olympic Truce.

The event is finished.


17 - 21 Jul 2023


17:30 - 20:00




4th Elementary School
Nik. Mandilara 22, Ermoupoli

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