Hip Hop Fusion Masterclass – Kristina Hakobyan

Hip Hop Fusion Masterclass

Hip Hop movement is derived from the Hip Hop culture and music of Harlem in the 1970’s and on. Contemporary dance is the exploration and addition of gesture and new idioms of movement to any vernacular of dance. Bringing them together has become the popular dance progression of the 21st century.
This masterclass will begin with a loose warm up of improvisation centered around the body and rhythm. Exercises are developed to prepare the mind and body for the pulse, weight and shape connected to both cultures. The masterclass will move into dance isolation exercises and short phrases of choreography. Eventually a full Contemporary/Hip Hop fusion dance will be experienced by the participants. Adding improvisation into the beginning entrance and the ending exit creates a complete immersive experience.

Ages: 13+
Level: All

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Kristina Hakobyan

Kristina Hakobyan, a native of Turkmenistan, moved to the Los Angeles and began her dance training. She continued dancing in Las Vegas where she graduated from the Las Vegas Academy of Arts in 2013 and received her BFA in dance from UNLV in 2017. Kristina started her career dancing in “Tournament of Kings” at the Excalibur in Las Vegas and teaching various dance styles at The Village Dance Collective studio. She currently performs nightly in the Donny Osmond Residency at Harrah’s as well as “Mayfair After Dark” at the Bellagio Hotel. Her performing credits have taken her all around the US, Korea, Denmark, and Greece.



08 Jul 2023


10:00 - 12:00




Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre
Iroon Polytexniou 84, Hermoupolis

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