– The video of the performance proposed, must necessarily include the entire piece, even if it comes from a rehearsal process. In case it fails to meet the minimum time requirements, the application will be rejected prior to evaluation.

– Minimum performance duration: 25 minutes.

– The artists, selected or not, will be notified by e-mail for the final selection of the Festival until January 15, 2024.

– The selected artists are to present their artwork as it has primarily been submitted to the Festival. For any alterations, it is necessary for the artists to update the Festival and obtain any necessary approval.

– Artists’ reward is set as follows:
One-person performance: 100 euros
Two-person performance: 200 euros
Three-person performance: 300 euros
Four-person performance: 380 euros
Five-person performance: 450 euros
Six-person performance: 510 euros
Seven or more-person performance: 550 euros

– To broaden the events of the festival, the chosen artists will be asked to submit relevant material and urged to promote their submitted work

– The organizers of the Festival announce to the selected artists the performing spaces and finally determine the most appropriate space after coordination with the latter.

– The festival provides artists with equipment and a lighting and sound expert. In case an artist wishes to work with his/her own technician, he/she will incur the cost of the technician accommodation and transportation.

– The selected artists will be offered accommodation in Syros (exclusively) for two nights (rehearsal & performance) according to the dates of the presentation of their work. If one of the invited artists wishes to extend his/her stay in Syros, he/she shall bear his/her own cost.

– The Festival offers the artists one meal per day from a local cookhouse.

– The Festival offers the artists discount vouchers that can be used in cafes and restaurants in Syros which are in co-operation with the Festival.

– For the welcomed artists only (dancers/ performers and choreographers/ directors), the Festival can cover the cost of air tickets up to € 250 per person (round trip – only international routes). Any further costs ought to be arranged by the artists themselves.

– The Festival covers the domestic travel expenses of the artists to and from Syros. Transportation cost for vehicles is not covered. Ticket cancellations or modifications, which may occur subsequent to the Festival’s issuance and organisation, will solely fall to the artists.

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