Vasiliki Tsagkari-Chrysanthakopoulou

Vasiliki Tsagkari-Chrysanthakopoulou 845 676 dancecenter

19/03/2017 – 02/04/2017

Performing Arts
Title of the Project: “Instant Mother”

Artistic Residency Presentation: Instant Mother
Vasiliki Tsagkari-Chrysanthakopoulou (Greece)

A personal documentation-solo performance about the unspeakable emotions that can be triggered by motherhood, the transformation a woman experiences at the instance she gives birth to a child.
The ways by which this experience can bring us closer to layers of ourselves and our nature as mammals.
How are the images of tradition, cultural and collective heritage being recollected and represented in a theme so fundamentally common for the human and animal population of the planet.
The affection, poetry, humanity and the instinct to survive inherent in every creative act.

Performance, costume, composition: Vasiliki Tsagkari
with help from Antonis Lymperopoulos

23 April 2017 at 18:00 at asteria, Ermoupolis, Syros

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