Theodosia Stathi

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18/05/2015 – 24/05/2015

Performing Arts
Title of project: “Making Home”

Born in Athens, Theodosia Stathi spent a number of years in Brussels, working as a freelance dancer and yoga teacher. Graduate of P.A.R.T.S. she danced with Ann Van den Broek in Co(te)lette, a piece that received the Dutch Swan Award for the most impressive production of 2007/08. Naturally inclining towards improvisation she took part Into the Riff, a collaborative project between dancers and musicians and later on the company of Thomas Hauert with whom she danced for two years.
Searching more for depth and soul, she joined the company of Julyen Hamilton and participated in all its productions.
In wish to stand ‘on her own’ and go back to her roots, she returned to Greece and is currently based in Amorgos, island of the Cyclades, whose natural beauty has stolen a little piece of her heart. An enthusiast traveller and explorer of the inner and the outer, has visited India a few times for studies in Yoga and Ayurveda. She is certified in Iyengar Yoga and Ayurvedic massage and is genuinely interested in healing and the evolution of human consciousness. She is now working as a massage therapist in Aegialis Spa in Amorgos Island.

During this Artistic Residency the following performance was given:

“Making Home”

Untouched you slide
Dolphins as support
Free from heart piercing fiery arrows.

The city of Hermes greets your soul
And beach with stardust sprinkled on its sand
Lets bright light defeat the shadow
Lets waves break spells that bond

Washes sorrow and dries up tears.

With sun returning to its primal spot
A new year cracks its wings to open
For love, clarity and centering, allowing trust to grow
Falling so as to resurrect. Anew.

So as to bring you to higher grounds
Where air is thin and breathing is deep. Untouched!
So as to see, what you’ve longed for
Has been with you all along

Your journey home.

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