Theodosia Stathi

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05/05/2014 – 18/05/2014

Performing Arts
Title of project: “Silver Ground”

Theodosia Stathi was born in Athens and is currently living in Brussels, working as a freelance performer and as a dance and yoga teacher. She graduated PARTS in 2006. She has studied Iyengar yoga in Belgium and India, and is a certified teacher. She has collaborated with several choreographers, Deborah Hay, Julyen Hamiltion, Thomas Hauert, Ann van den Broek and Bud Blumenthal. She is currently member of Allen’s Line the company of Julyen Hamilton, as well as The Wheel the company of Billie Hanne. Inspired by her ongoing research through dance and yoga she has been developing her personal approach to improvisation; which she wishes to share.

Silver Ground
On this ridge we climb
and this land is our food
in the water we wash our clothes and hair
under the sun we become still
knowing before thought
we remember what love is all about.

Silver Ground is a solo performance where movements and actions rise by listening to the present moment and by serving that which each instant wants to bring into life.
Concept and choreography: Theodosia Stathi

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