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Espirito Santo Mauricio 572 458 dancecenter

Espirito Santo Mauricio

02/11/2013 – 16/11/2013

Performing Arts
Title of project: “UNITY PROJECT: The way we are”
Azores- Portugal

Espirito Santo Dance Society is currently touring thought Europe with the Artistic Residency program (United Kingdom, Italy, Greece and Portugal) with Project Unity. Unity is a human artistic experience designed to bring together communities through the art of Contact Improvisation, voice and music.
A performance for self-observation, anticipation, the vastness and companionship. A performance by Espirito Santo Mauricio, dancer and choreographer from the Azores who lives and works in Canada, with amateur and professional dancers and musicians of local communities.

During this Artistic Residency the following performance was given:  “UNITY PROJECT: The way we are”

Anmar Taha & Jan Rådvik 1005 804 dancecenter

Anmar Taha & Jan Rådvik

Performing Arts
Title of project: “Gerontion”

During 2013 Iraqi Bodies have continued their work on the themes surrounding the rituals and ceremonies of sexuality, death and reproduction within the religious groups of Muslims, Christians and Jews.

In exploring and investigating the connections between dance and physical theater, Iraqi Bodies has gained unanimous critical acclaim over the last couple of years. With affecting performances such as “Unidentified” and “Vowels” the group has managed to carve a unique niche for themselves in the field of contemporary dance. It’s a world where sparse lighting, silence and near immobility is paired with seemingly erratic yet repetitive movements, at times creating an atmosphere of discomfort and unease but also one of tremendous beauty. Using almost archaic movements and textures, the aim is to articulate feelings of loss, frustration and isolation but perhaps to also show a tiny sliver of light and hope

During this Artistic Residency the following performance was given: “Gerontion”

Aftab Darvishi 759 608 dancecenter

Aftab Darvishi

05/08/2013 – 18/08/2013

Music and Performing Arts
Title of project: “OXYS in black and white”

Born in Tehran- Iran in 1987, Aftab Darvishi had her first musical contact with the violin at the age of 5. As she grew older she got in touch with more instruments like Kamancheh (Iranian string instrument) and piano. She studied music at the University of Tehran and after her graduation she began to collaborate in many projects with the theater faculty of the university as well as other artists combining music with animations, theater plays, short films, etc. In 2010 she moved to Amsterdam-Nederlands to study Composing for film at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. Creating unusual combinations of vocals and mixing the different musical cultures has been and still is her inspiration in her musical journey. At the moment she lives in Amsterdam where she composes, teaches and study Karnatic music (South Indian classical music) with Rafael Reina.

During this Artistic Residency the following performance was given: “OXYS” in black and white.

Marius Soluna 858 686 dancecenter

Marius Soluna

12/04/2013 – 12/05/2013

Performing Arts
Title of project: “Abandoned Eternity”

Marius Soluna is the first artist hosted by the Dance Centre Akropoditi through the Artistic Residency program. The Dance Centre, expression & creation in contemporary arts Akropoditi is a member of Res Artis, worldwide network of Artist Residencies since January 2013.
Marius Soluna is a Swiss independent artist and dancer. For the past seven years, he is based in Switzerland, traveling, teaching and dancing in various places of the world. His work is based on the conscious work of healing and transformation of the body. His main influences come from his training in the Subbody Butoh School of Rhizome Lee, Jinen Butoh of Atsushi Takenouchi, Vipassana Meditation, Qi Gong and Yoga.

During this Artistic Residency a workshop was given by Marius Soluna as well as the presentation Abandoned Eternity.

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