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21/02/23 – 04/03/23

Performing Arts
Title of the project: “OVERFLOW”
Italy / Belgium

Project description
OVERFLOW is a contemporary dance and physical theater duet, performed by myself and the dancer Anna-Maria Bayon, which addresses adaptation and survival in society.
Particularly struck by the radical, immediate and contradictory nature of current social dynamics, I asked myself “how do bodies survive between increasingly extreme, increasingly unpredictable laws and events?”
The image behind this creation is that of a ‘contemporary shipwreck’. With a choreographic approach that feeds on an overdose of absurd and zany, naive and poetic imagination, it is an extravagant and staggering shipwreck that I wish to explore. The bodies of two women intertwine, support each other, counterbalance each other, adapt and save each other. Extreme, contradictory and insane like the challenges they have to face.
If on the one hand my intention is to explore the power and beauty of a body that adapts, transmutes, fits together, endures and resists to the point of overflowing; on the other hand, I want to give voice to the humanity that runs through it: its need for the other, for empathy and mutual aid.
Body and voice. Imagination and illusion. Control and laughter. Poetry and surprise.
OVERFLOW is an invitation to resilience through a sensitive, confident and creative look at our society.
with the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International

I’m an italian contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher. I’m based in Belgium where I live since several years.
I trained in ballet and contemporary dance in Italy (Zappalà Danza dance school) and Switzerland (ballet junior de Geneve).
Once I arrived in Belgium I started collaborating as a dancer and performer with some local and international artists for dance and circus projects: Keren Rosenberg, Roy Assaf, Lies Serdons, Poetic Punkers collective, Cie Marie Martinez, Lisbeth Gruwez, Dorian Chavez, Krama Dance Company and soon with the circus company Cie des Chaussons Rouges (creation 2023/2024).
I consider myself a curious observer of society and its dynamics.
I am attracted by its resources as well as its contradictions and fragilities. It is from what I live, from what I feel, from what I observe of society that I draw my inspiration to create.
Supported by different Belgian theaters I could make until today three  dance & physical theater creations: Mucyclo, Waiting for the fishes and En attendant que les poissons passent….
All of them share a strong physicality and the use of a performative register that appeals to audience interaction, humour and surprise.
Overflow is my next creation planned for 2024.
Since 2015, I have been developing my own pedagogical practice based on improvisation, DIVE, which is inspired by the principles of Gaga body language (which I studied in Tel Aviv with Ohad Naharin and the Batsheva dancers) but which I extend to a personal research.
DIVE is part of my daily artistic life and I transmit it through classes and workshops in Belgium and abroad (Charleroi Danse, UP circus & performing arts center, Grand Studio/ Nyash dance company, Hybrid Studio/cie bud Blumenthal, Istanbul Fringe festival in Turkey, Dance Days Chania Festival and Kinitira artistic network in Greece).

My name is Silvia Pezzarossi, I am an Italian choreographer, I live in Belgium since several years.
Last march I was invited for two weeks by Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre in artistic residency to continue my creation HABEMUS NAUFRAGIUM (old Overflow).
This is my fourth creation, a duo performed by me and the French dancer Anna-Maria Bayon.
This creation takes as its starting point the social condition of ‘shipwreck’ and the survival that follows. The work thus revolves around the themes of resilience, adaptation and mutual support.
The two performers, two shipwrecked women, rescue each other, support each other, and join forces to move forward together in a stormy sea: a metaphor for a social and contemporary shipwreck.
At the centre of the creation is the body, the main and only choreographic tool.
The residency at Akropoditi proved to be an important opportunity for the work to evolve. The working conditions were very good: large and well-equipped room, friendly and helpful staff, fantastic landscape!
Anna Maria and I also had the opportunity to give a class to local students. It was a valuable opportunity, a rich exchange. The dancers were curious to get to know us and to learn. It was important for us to come into close contact with the artists on the island in a practice of mutual transmission and exchange.
Thank you Akropodites and see you soon I hope!

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