Panayiotis Tofi

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07/05/2016 – 28/05/2016

Performing Arts
Title of project: “Documenting Emptiness”

Panayiotis Tofi (b. 1982) completed a Bachelor in Graphic and Advertising Design (Frederic University, 2008), Diploma for Dance Studies (Laban Center, 2011) and Bachelor of Contemporary Dance with First Class (Laban Center, 2014).
During the last two years he has been working as a collaborator performer with Asomates Dinameis, Echo Arts, Nothing to Declare and Amfidromo Dancetheatre. He has collaborated as a movement director for the theatrical works ‘Nitsa’ (Director: Paris Erotokritou) and ‘An album of stories’ (Director: Marios Kakoullis).
Since 2014 he has been exploring the possibilities of the moving human body and the empty space in relation to the terms concealment, withdrawal and dispossession, having Mr. Bush Hartshorn as a mentor. During this process he presented three choreographic works in Cyprus.

During this residency the project “Documenting Emptiness” was researched and a performance was given.
A choreographic result deriving from a three-week residency at Akropoditi Dance Centre based on an ongoing study concerning body decentralization and the investigation of the terms concealment, dispossession and withdrawal, towards intensifying emptiness.

Concept/Choreography/Creation: Panayiotis Tofi
Performers: Malvina Androni, Philipos Evangelou, Eleni Manaroli, Vivi Sklia, Panayiotis Tofi
Photography: Malvina Androni

With the support of Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture: Politismos Programme

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