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01/11/2021 – 07/11/2021

Performing Arts – Dance
Title of the project: “Landing Sensing Moving”

Landing Sensing Moving
“Landing Sensing Moving” is the last research project of the PhD thesis “Transitional space in performance and architecture”. The practice explores the lived experience of space in site specific performance. It searches new choreographic devices based on the bodily knowledge that comes through the senses, tactile, intuitive and imaginative. Transitional spaces reveal a complex web of relationships, emotions and responses that are waiting to be expressed through movement. They create the desire towards connection within landscape where we can connect with ourselves and the world around us.

Open Call
During the workshop we will focus on the experience of space through the body. Working outdoors in the island of Syros we will explore notions of identity and becoming through our senses and the relationship with the place. Using exercises from somatic techniques, body psychotherapy and instant composition we will create a movement practice through which we will become more present and connected with the environment.
In the end, there will be an open presentation of the practice. The material of the workshop will be used as part of the research after acquired the consent of the participants. We will meet the period between 2-6 November (2 hours daily) with an open presentation on the 7th.
The workshop is open to everyone.

Mirto Charalampous
Mirto Charalampous is dance researcher and body-oriented therapist. With theatre, body psychotherapy and cinema studies (MA on cultural and film studies, University of Athens, BA in theatre, Arhi Drama School, Core Energetics) and experience in dance and somatics (Skinner Releasing Technique, Body Mind Centering, Core Awareness, Movement Ritual) she is interested in the experiential knowledge and awareness through the body. Part of her PhD research (Technical University of Athens, faculty of Architecture) has been presented at the International Dance Festival in Lisbon and in Keiv Gallery in Athens.

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