Mina Ananiadou, Zoe Bernabeu & Allessandro Sollima

Mina Ananiadou, Zoe Bernabeu & Allessandro Sollima 848 678 dancecenter

31/10/2016 – 13/11/2016

Performing Arts: Dance
Title of the Project: “Exploring Creative Autonomy”
Greece, Freance & Italy

Artistic Residency Presentation: Exploring Creative Autonomy
Mina Ananiadou, Zoe Bernabeu & Allessandro Sollima (Greece, Freance & Italy)

We are a group of 3 dancers coming from Sicily, Paris and Thessaloniki. Our search for an open space and time led us to Syros Island as we had the chance to be offered an artistic residency for a short but intensive period by the hospitable Akropoditi dance house.
It’s been few days now we have started a journey of a new creation. The core element of our investigation is the idea of autonomy that is we seek to build conditions of both collective and individual autonomy as a dynamic field where the individual and the collective grow simultaneously through a dialectic process of empowering each other.
To this end we are in a process where we seek to establish new territories of connection through improvisation, generate various stimuli that might enable different ways of perception and will subsequently expand the boundaries of the collective imaginary. Dance -to our perception- is the only means that gives us the maximum freedom to get there.

On Friday, 11/11 at 22:00 we will share in an open presentation the result of our up to now work as well as various questions that had been raised out of the practice and feed our creation (questions on connection, responsibility, rules, support, values, community, playfulness, absence/presence, focus, balance of action, completing/competing, power relations, empathy, what the touch can generate, challenge, right time).

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