Jurij Konjar

Jurij Konjar 1000 800 dancecenter

05/05/2014 – 18/05/2014

Performing Arts
Title of project: “Goldberg Variations”
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Jurij Konjar was born in Ljubljana in ʼ78. He trained Judo and singing from an early age, then began dancing with ballroom competitions. In 2007 he suffered a head injury that shifted the focus of his work towards the potential of the present moment. An in-depth observation of Steve Paxtonʼs Goldberg Variations video triggered what became an improvisation practice.

During this Artistic Residency the following performance was given:
“Goldberg Variations”:
In 2007 Jurij Konjar started looking at Walter Verdinʼs video work, ʽGoldberg Variationsʼ, based on Steve Paxtonʼs performance “The Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach, played by Glen Gould, improvised by Steve Paxton”. In 2009, through a chain of events and choices he began practicing regularly; dancing the whole piece every day of the following year. The official premiere of Goldberg Variations was in Vienna in October 2010.

Created and performed by: Jurij Konjar
Music: Goldberg Variations, by Johann Sebastian Bach. Performed by Glen Gould (1981)
With gratitude to Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson
Produced by: Jurij Konjar
Coproduction: Tanzquartier Wien
With the support of Slovene Ministry for Culture


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