Eve Ganneau & Antonis Nikiforos

Eve Ganneau & Antonis Nikiforos 469 375 dancecenter

07/01/2018 – 22/01/2018

Performing & Audio Arts
Title of the Project: “An Imaginary Country”
France – Greece

Artistic Residency Presentation
Eve Ganneau & Antonis Nikiforos (France – Greece)
Saturday 20th January at 20:30
Free entrance
Duration: 20 min

An Imaginary Country

Maps have proven to be a versatile medium through which to express our inquisitive nature and make sense of our physical world. Whatever their purpose or subject matter, even the most rudimentary maps have an inherent beauty, an attraction in their way of ordering things. They mark the division between art and science, known and unknown, good and evil. Hoping to generate a deeply personal map, “An Imaginary Country” is an attempt to look at the metaphorical potential of cartography, allowing space for dreaming.

Eve Ganneau is a dancer, performer and choreographer from France, based in Cologne, Germany. She has been working as a professional dancer in different companies around Europe (Scottish Dance Theatre, Joan Cleville Dance, Orjan Andersson Dance, amongst other) Besides her practice as a dancer she started to develop her own works, collaborating with actors and dancers. She is undergoing a Feldenkrais education since November 2016 to become Feldenkrais practitioner.

Antonis Nikiforos is a sound artist living in Athens, Greece. He has been working for over 10 years between music festivals (Release Athens Festival, Rock Wave Festival, Sync Festival amongst others) and theatre productions (Amorphy, Meeting The Odyssey, amongst others) He is working in close collaboration with artists from different fields.

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