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Annual Courses with Corine Matheron

15/09/2022 – 3/06/2023

* Fees are paid in advance at the beginning of the academic year

200 euro/year for classes of 1 hour (Introduction to dance, Jazz – children, Zumba)
280 euro/year for classes of 1 1/2 hours (Jazz – Teenagers/Adults)

Tel. Num.: +30 22810-80690, E-mail: akropoditidancecentre@gmail.com, corinematheron@hotmail.fr


Introduction to dance (children 6-7 years old)
The age of 6-7 years is the period of all discoveries. The course introduces children to dance through play and is based on a story through which the basic principles of dance are approached. Children learn to relate to music and space, recognize different body parts and enhance their imagination through the joy and pleasure of dance.

Jazz (Children – Teenagers/Adults) 
It is a dance form with roots in the African-American jazz music and the tap dance. The course incorporates elements of modern dance techniques to strengthen the body’s core, study rhythm and precision, as well as movement isolation. In addition, the course aims to the complete harmony of movement with music, as well as to the dance with theatricality, emphasizing on expressiveness and the personal style. It includes exercises and choreographies that combine elements of modern dance and musicals.

Zumba (adults 50+)
Zumba is a fairly recent type of movement that combines dance with gymnastics. The rhythms are often Latin but not only. The course teaches, among others, the basic steps of merengue, salsa, reggaeton, cumbia, bachata, bhangra, cha cha as well as steps of African dances.
The class is aimed at women and men over 50 who have never taken a dance or fitness class and want to be gently introduced to these rhythms.

Corine Matheron
Corine is a French dancer and dance teacher. After a long career in classical dance, initially studying with a star of the Bordeaux Opera from the age of 5, and a career as a dancer in Tessa Beaumont’s company in Paris, she decided to pursue a freer style of dance, Jazz. She began her apprenticeship at a dance academy in Paris and went on to study the technique of Matt Mattox, the pioneer of jazz dance in France. She then decided to teach this technique and obtained a university degree in classical and contemporary dance studies, jazz, but also primitive expression, as well as dance psychotherapy, and percussion with dance accompaniment. Completing her studies, she attended a conservatory where she was taught anatomy and physiology of dance, as well as the history of music and dance. Finally, he participated in a seven-month pedagogy internship.
In the beginning, she taught in Paris, where she won first prize from the jury of the animation centers of Paris. She continued her career in Nice, where she taught jazz and Cuban salsa.
In recent years, she has been running a dance association in central France, where she has taught all age levels. She is also passionate about African, Oriental, and Hip Hop dance, and is a certified Zumba instructor.
Corine recently moved and lives in Syros.


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