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09/10/22 -23/10/22

Visual and Performing Arts
Title of the project: “ΝΕΤΤΕ: a kinesic experiment”

ΝΕΤΤΕ: a kinesic experiment

Open presentation: 22 October 2022 at 20:00
Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts Centre

In 2019, Artemis Pyrpilis went for the first time to the house where her grandmother was born and spent her childhood, 7 years after her passing. Searching through the rooms, drawers and boxes, she discovered the young girl she was in the 40s. A dancer, a gymnast, a restless girl whom her closed ones called Nette.

Who was really Nette and what was her connection to her? The shared silence, from the inevitability of her death, slowly became an reason to find their common voice for all that she didn’t know united them.

This is how the NETTE photo book came about.
The project “ΝΕΤΤΕ: a kinesic experiment” is an attempt to record a kinetic improvisation with a starting point and in interaction with archival images of Nette, in motion. The kinetic expression will be structured in the natural landscape of Syros (in coherence with nature as a background in the archival images) allowing any result that can arise through this internal “fermentation” of experimentation/improvisation based on the interaction with the kinetic expression of her grandmother.

The aim is to further connect the personal relationship between granddaughter and grandmother, but also to explore the broader connection between photography and dance.
The final result will be a video that includes both the archival images and the recording of the kinetic experimentation as through this it will apprehend the expression and physicality of Nette while exploring the movement through its recording.

Workshop with the photographer Artemis Pyrpili
Archival and contemporary images in the narration of a photographic work

Artemis Pyrpilis (1987) is a French-Greek photographer.
She studied photography in Paris and after working as a photographer in France, the UK, Germany and the United States she decided to return to Greece in 2013.
She has participated in various group exhibitions, at C / O Berlin in Germany, at the State Museum of Contemporary Art and at the Photobiennale in Thessaloniki, but also at the Host Gallery in London.
She has also presented her work in 2 solo exhibitions in Greece.
In September 2021, her first photo book “NETTE” was published by punto e basta editions and launched at the Polka Factory in Paris.
Today she lives in Thessaloniki where she teaches at the Stereosis School of Photography and at the MOMus-Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki while at the same time working on personal projects experimenting with various artistic fields.

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