Aggeliki Sakellariou – Myrsini Tzavaras – Ismini Slijper

Aggeliki Sakellariou – Myrsini Tzavaras – Ismini Slijper 1024 819 dancecenter

02/10/23 – 11/10/23

Performing Arts
Title of the project: “The Sisters’ Project”

Description of project:

“The Sisters’ Project” (working title) is a theatrical dance performance addressed to all, from 8 to 108 years old. Set in a dusty attic, The Sisters’ Project unfolds the relationship between three sisters exploring the concept of loss. From the loss of loved ones and loved objects, to the loss of contact between them and the loss of time itself. How do three young women find support and comfort from each other, while developing their own identity.
Through humour and poetry, acrobacy, mime and an imaginative scenery (consisting of wooden objects and fabric), The Sisters’ Project takes you on a imaginative journey where there is space for complexity: for laughter and tears, anger and acceptance.

Open presentation: Sunday 08 October 2023
20:30, Free Entrance

The journey of lost things: a children’s workshop on loss
Saturday 07 October 2023, 17:30-20:30
Free submission

Ismini Slijper

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands (1999) Ismini Slijper started dancing at the age of 8. Later on she studied BA Contemporary Dance at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp of which she graduated in 2020.
Together with her former classmates she founded SIDEWARDS-collective ( A dance collective that creates and supports dance productions and organizes culutral events. Under SIDEWARDS Ismini co-created the dance performance ‘If you want, maybe not’ (2021) and organized FountainFest: The Festival of Femxle Pleasure (2022).
She also worked as a dance teacher in her hometown Amsterdam at Het Amsterdams Lyceum and for cultural education organization “Op de eerste rij” (2021-2022).
During the last year she has been based in Athens where she has had the opportunity to work with dance group Artogether. A dance group for people wit hand without disabilities, lead by Katerina Gevetsi. Whilst also co-creating two own performance projects : “The Sisters Project” and “Co-habitance”.

Aggeliki Sakellariou

Born and raised in the small island of Syros (2000), Aggeliki Sakellariou has been dancing from the age of 10. She started with traditional greek dancing and practiced 6 years of rhythmic gymnastics. She has been a student in Akropoditi dance centre from 2013 and participated in performances and dance lessons as a student (ballet, contemporary dance, jazz). She is an occupational therapist (graduated from University of West Attica) and 3 years now she is a member of inclusive dance group Artogether in Athens. She has participated in multiple (dance) workshops and loves improvisation and authentic movement. She is planning to do a master in dance therapy.

Myrsini Tzavaras

Born and raised in Syros (2001), Myrsini Tzavaras started dancing at the Akropoditi Dance Centre at the age of 8. From the year of 2019 she studies Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art Athens where she also attends different contemporary dance classes from various teachers.

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